The Matrix-Q Civilization: 9 Types of Choices and the Matrix-Q Alternative for Human Species Conscious Evolution

Was there a question of choice for the early human tribes the need of survival ? is it nowadays ? But what after survival has been ensured ?

Along the individual’s development process, time line, a unidimensional process will unfold as a sequence of classes (cyphers) to be focus on, as for purpose of achievement of knowledge and development of skills, associated to each of the cyphers.

In the same manner, along human history, civilizations and cultures will be found, that have given a priority attention in one of the cyphers or to a particular set of them.

As i have suggested in previous presentations, the emerging global modern culture, is challenged at the realm of the first triad, the triad of the under-world, the set of cyphers 387; for which 7 needs to be integrated to the work-family-life balance, of individuals and organizations, in order to achieve the level of effectivity necessary; if balanced and stable, to turn into a golden sphere.

Yet for some other organizations and communities, cities, the second triad of the earth-ground, is of key importance, as for within the sequence 465, organic development and values (operational guidelines), a process of achievement has been placed into praxis, some strategies implemented since the XX Century.

As well, visionary leaders have suggested changes in the human approach and behavior at the triad of heaven, realm 219, in the class of knowledge, activities and skills of the cypher 2, cocreation and gender equality.

According to a first assessment of global mayor civilizations and cultures, registered in the public and known human history, the sequence: 387465219Ɵ is being followed, while the current challenge seems to be approached in three of the triads: 7 (for 287), 4,6 (for 465), 21(for 219) and Ɵ for the three triads.

But what if instead of flowing along an apparent unidimensional lineal time line, the human species make a conscious choice, of applying own potential, as for Matrix-Q modality ?

The Matrix-Q choice, will imply a more complex process, which needs to be holistic, systemic and synergetic by definition. All cyphers will be activated, their knowledge and skills simultaneously applied.

As a result, Matrix-Q type possibilities will be created as for: SDG, Business, Service, Management, CXO, Leader, Emotional Intelligence, Perception, Self-management, Sexuality, Education, Government, Community, Family,City, Economy, Research, Technology, Social Management, Culture, Civilization.

The Matrix-Q individual, community, city, culture, civilization, is all that we are looking for. But what imply this type of search, quest, choice for the human species ? it means conscious evolution.

The study of the 9 cyphers and implementation of their knowledge for facing daily life, organization, city, culture and civilization challenges, is responsibility of every one, citizen or traveler, living among humans on the earth planet. An opportunity for conscious participation in the human evolution, the development and advancement of a global culture and civilization.

The knowledge of the 9 Golden Spheres, is key for the leaders of a golden age to come for the human species.

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Original Source: The Matrix-Q Magazine, Matrix-Q Research Institute.

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