Matrix-Q Skills (Emotions+Thinking+Systemic Impact)

Every-other Wednesday 16.20 CEST

Length: 3×40 min + e-Test 15 min + e-Game demo 20 min

Modality: Gamified learn-play + Presentations + Coaching-training

Included: Matrix-Q Wallet, Matrix-Q Tokens (To start playing), Group-Coaching + 1x 40 min individual coaching-training session + Matrix-Q (DNA) Avatar e-game, and a subscription for 3 months learn-play

Matrix-Q Podcast

Matrix-Q Youtube

Learn More about Matrix-Q Quantum

The 9 Streams of Value ( or the 9 Nature’s Economies) & the Matrix-Q Navigation Rose for self-orientation

We will introduce you to the Matrix-Q DNA…

MATRIX-Q COMMUNITY REMOTE MEET-UP : THE 9 ECONOMIES (Matrix-Q Quantum Economy + Climate Change SDG13)

This Thursday 13th May 16.40 CEST at the “Matrix-Q Plants Trees” Online Meet-up / Zoom Session

  • We will briefly introduce you to the Matrix-Q Community resources, platform and tokenization system
  • You will generate your personal (private) Matrix-Q DNA and we will explain you how it can help you enhance your professional, private and business life, in particular your holistic ability to generate value and wealth
  • We will play a game, with the Matrix-Q DNA
  • Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken will introduce you to the Matrix-Q 9…

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

COPYRIGHT by Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken All rights reserved.

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